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Welcome to my MG MGB photo site.
My name is Tjeerd van der Meer and with this website I would like to introduce you to my hobby car, the rear wheel drive MG MGB from 1970.



The photo above was taken in 1966 at De Tuinen in Leeuwarden, when I was 15 years old [with hair] and already 'interested' in the MG MGB. The (red) MG in the photo no longer exists, according to the National Road Traffic (RDW), as far as registration number is concerned.
But ... The MGB registry manager of the MG Car Club Holland discovered that the car is still driving, but with a different number plate.
* What I didn't know then: that my future MG MGB would roll off the line 4 years later!

Finally I bought my own 1970 MG MGB, 28 years later in 1994.
Admittedly still with 'wrong' Datsun 240/Z seats in it and full of dents and scratches, but happy!
Of course I am (since 1996) also a member of the MG Car Club Holland.

From 2002 to 2007 I was regional coördinator of the 'regio Noord'. Currently I am web administrator of the Northern region.

This year I am a member of the MGCC for 25 years and received the silver pin. I can now count myself in the so-called 'Senior League'.